Mac’d Ride: 2005 Mazda 3

Matt Burriola installed a Mac mini into his 2005 Mazda 3 sedan and documented the entire installation process. His goal for his project was to create a system with better than stock sound and capability, while maintaining a clean, stock appearance.

Despite not using an Apple since high school, Matt was inspired while doing other mods to the car (adding window tint and an alarm), and decided to go for it.

First, Matt took apart his cupholder assembly, cigarette lighter …

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iTripping With A Mac mini

Joshua Driggs, aka ZapWizard has a great Flickr photo set that shows how he installed a Mac mini along with a Griffin iTrip into his Mazda.

He was taking a 4,000 mile trip and wanted to Mac his ride – and he did it in 3 days! He explained that he didn’t have the cash or the time to replace his head unit, so he integrated an iTrip FM transmitter directly into the Mini.

To install the Mac mini he …

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