Mac’d Ride: Nissan 350Z

Steve wanted to share his great Nissan 350Z install with our MacVroom readers. So far, he’s been pleased with his setup because the resulting sound is perfect – with no static in the audio at all. The DVD is completely stable while driving, but like everyone here, he is still happily tweaking away.

He runs a Pioneer-P5000MP head unit with an auxiliary input that can also be named. The best thing is that it is pretty simple to do and looks “damn slick.” A custom screen is integrated into the dashboard and there is a custom mounting bracket for the Mac mini behind the passenger seat.

The Lilliput touchscreen took a bit of getting used to but it hasn’t posed any difficulties as it runs fine with iTunes and OS X. Steve does admit he will be using the shuffle feature during most of his rides instead of song searching. But to make things really easy, he plans to get a Bluetooth keyboard.

Next steps for Steve are to integrate the radar detector and further developing the front end.

What’s in that Mac’d Nissan 350Z:

  • CPU – Mac Mini – 1.25 GHz, 80GB HD, 256 RAM, Bluetooth, Airport Wireless, Combo DVD
  • Display – Lilliput 7″ Touchscreen Display running at 800×600 resolution.
  • Power – P1900 Power Supply – Running the Mac mini in constant sleep mode. The CPU wakes automatically from sleep when the ignition is turned on (in approximately 3 seconds). The P1900 puts the Mac mini into sleep mode when the ignition is turned off (approximately 10 seconds). The Mac mini is in sleep mode when car is turned off. The P1900 also powers Lilliput monitor (turns on/off with ignition).
  • Input Devices – 4 Port USB Hub, Rikaline GPS Unit, 20 GB iPod, Motorola Integrated Bluetooth V330 w/ EDGE internet support
  • Software – Running CCarProject for Music. Ultimately will be permanent on the front-end. Running a mixture of CC and traditional OS X 10.3.9.
  • GPS – Route 66 for the time being. It is the only GPS software available.
  • Audio – 8″ Bazooka Tube Subwoofer, 6.5″ Memphis Audio Speakers front/rear, Pioneer FH-P5000MP – Double din head unit w/ XM Radio and MP3 Control

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