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Installing Apple’s Front Row On Any Mac

For those interested in installing Apple’s Front Row in their Mac’d ride, there is an excellent post over at that details how to install it on any Mac running 10.4.3.

The post includes a detailed installation guide along with links to all the software needed to get everything installed. Hopefully, Apple will make Front Row officially available for all Mac users to install on their machines, but for now, this work-around should do the job.

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CCarProject Mobile Media Software

There’s a new mobile media software in town and it really looks promising. The C-Car Project is a new Macintosh application specifically designed for in-car use to easily control your music, movies and pictures.

Benjamin, the sole developer of this program, has been working on the CCarProject application for a couple months now and the current alpha version is coming along nicely. The programs UI is very polished and has been well thought out, utilizing large controls that are easy …

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SpeakTunes Voice Feedback Music Player

Wouldn’t it be great if you could navigate your iTunes music library in your Mac’d ride without looking at the display? Well now you can! With Valencio Productions SpeakTunes, controlling your music collection just got easier. Utilizing Mac OS X’s built-in voice capabilities, SpeakTunes provides spoken feedback to navigate playlists, browse music collections and change various playback settings. You can simply use the arrow keys to navigate and control the playback of your tunes (there is also support for …

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i3 Intelligent Integrated Interface

i3 Team has just launched version 1.1 of their i3 intelligent integrated interface for Macintosh in-car computing. This $25 application launcher features a slick interface with customizable buttons for launching various applications. In fact, the program is 90% customizable, allowing the user to skin the look of the application and control the position of all the buttons. There are already a few user contributed skins available on their site.

A demo version of the application is available for download from …

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iDash Mobile Media Interface

An open-source project has been started to create a graphical front-end for using OS X in a car environment! The iDash project is an AppleScript driven front-end that will allow easy access to music, videos, pictures, GPS, and even XM Radio via a simple touch screen interface

This project is in the early stages of development, but could prove to be an excellent interface solution.

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