Hacked Prius In-dash Display

One of our forum members just posted an interesting hack to attach a Mac to their Prius in-dash touch screen…

So my goal was to get a mac working on my Prius’s MFD display, and be able to use it’s touch screen to control the front end (currently Front Row)

I don’t have audio hooked up, figured the video would be the hardest part.

I’m going through a Can-View which normally is just used for display the car’s CAN data

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800 x 480 Resolution AppleScript

This AppleScript is for use with the Xenarc 700TSV LCD display. It allows you to easily change your Mac mini’s resolution to 800 x 480 upon startup. The script requires the cscreen application (see instructions below). Additionally, an 800 x 480 resolution must also be already configured via DisplayConfigX – see this post for more info on how to do this.


  1. Download the cscreen application here
  2. Mount the cscreen disk image by double-clicking on the “cscreen.dmg” file that you
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Xenarc 700TSV Images

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