800 x 480 Resolution AppleScript

This AppleScript is for use with the Xenarc 700TSV LCD display. It allows you to easily change your Mac mini’s resolution to 800 x 480 upon startup. The script requires the cscreen application (see instructions below). Additionally, an 800 x 480 resolution must also be already configured via DisplayConfigX – see this post for more info on how to do this.


  1. Download the cscreen application here
  2. Mount the cscreen disk image by double-clicking on the “cscreen.dmg” file that you just downloaded
  3. Open the Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities) and enter the following command:
    sudo cp /Volumes/cscreen/cscreen /usr/local/bin/
    then hit return
    (you will be prompted for the administrators password)
    If you get the message “directory /usr/local/bin does not exist” enter the following commands:
    sudo mkdir /usr/local/bin/
    sudo cp /Volumes/cscreen/cscreen /usr/local/bin/
  4. Download the “chres800x480.sit” StuffIt file here
  5. Expand the Stuffit file and copy the “chres800x480″ AppleScript file into your Applications folder
  6. Open the System Preferences and choose “Accounts”
  7. Select the “Startup Items” tab and then hit the “+” button
  8. Locate and highlight the chres800x480 AppleScript located in the Applications folder, then hit the “Add” button.
  9. Quit out of System Preferences

Everything should be installed now. The next time you reboot your computer the chres800x480 AppleScript will run, and your monitor will be automatically set to 800 x 480!

If you are comfortable using the Script Editor, you can easily create other resolutions. Here’s the single line of AppleScript code….
do shell script “/usr/local/bin/cscreen -x 800 -y 480″

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