iBook Jeep Install

We recently received a story submission from Martim Weinstein on his iBook Jeep Grand Cherokee install, so we decided to check it out. While his install does not involve a Mac mini, he essentially has dealt with many of the same issues that we all have.

Martim’s first Mac’d ride started way back in 1997 with an old car and an Apple LC. The LC had a 4 GB hard drive, 8 MB of RAM and just enough processing power to convert MP3s. It was set it up to start playing random tracks whenever he started it up. A pretty amazing setup for 1997!

Fast forward to today…
His current setup is quite impressive and includes an 800MHz iBook, 7″ Lilliput touch-screen, Griffin PowerMate controller, Eskapelabs MyTV2Go, a generic USB hub, and a Devil GPS unit. A custom enclosure was created to house the 7″ LCD in the front dash and a cleverly designed center console was constructed to house the iBook.

Martim, who is one of the developers of the i3 application, is using it as the main interface to his system. For audio he is using iTunes which is setup to be controlled from the PowerMate. FM radio and TV viewing are handled by the MyTV2Go and movies are controlled via VLC. Future plans for his system include AirPort synchronization of music and movies.

Take some time to check out his website, which chronicles his progress and contains many pictures of his install. He has done a great job integrating his Mac into his ride!

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