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With the introduction of Apple’s Mac mini, a whole new realm of inexpensive in-car computing and entertainment is now possible. The small form factor of the Mac mini makes it a perfect solution for installation in areas with limited space – like a car. The robust feature set of the Mac mini, along with the multi-media power of Mac OS X, makes for an excellent platform to create a complete mobile media system.

MacVroom is here to help you learn about integrating and installing a Mac mini in your car. From providing helpful hardware and software reviews to real world installation tips, MacVroom is the source to Mac your ride!™

Our team of Mac-heads follow all the latest news on mobile Mac computing and provide valuable insight to help you make the right choices. We’re not just all talk either… We are also building our own Mac mini car system. We will let you in on all the details by documenting the process and sharing all the information we learned along the way. We invite everyone to join in and contribute, and together we can help each other and make the Mac mini a valuable mobile media solution.

Dana Rockel
Publisher, MacVroom.com

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