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RouteBuddy Releases New Maps for North America

routebuddymapsRouteBuddy Ltd. has announced the release of three new road maps for 2009, updating their coverage of North America and expanding to Mexico.

RouteBuddy provides native Mac OS X support for Garmin, TomTom, and NMEA GPS devices – allowing users to manage and display their GPS data using high-precision vector-based road maps.

The RouteBuddy Store contains a brand new road map for Mexico together with updated maps for Canada and USA. The updated North America map now includes Mexico thereby …

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RouteBuddy 1.3 Released – Now Includes Turn-by-Turn Routing, Spoken Instructions, and More!

Our buddies over at RouteBuddy Ltd. have just released an major upgrade to RouteBuddy. Here’s what they have to say about the 1.3 update…

RouteBuddy Ltd is pleased to announce the release of RouteBuddy 1.3, a major update to their powerful GPS mapping program for Mac OS X.

RouteBuddy provides native Mac OS X support for Garmin and NMEA GPS devices, and allows users to manage and display their GPS data using high-precision vector-based road maps.

This release provides turn-by-turn …

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Apple Car Navigation System?

German magazine Focus is claiming that Apple is working with Mercedes on a car navigation and sound system that will be introduced in 2009.

The system is reported to include navigation, communication and maintenance. Mercedes will exclusively offer the new Apple system for six months (presumably followed by other auto manufacturers). The article also mentions the possibility of Google maps being the source of navigation data.

You can read a translated version of the article here.

While this story …

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RouteBuddy – Now Available!

The new GPS-enabled mapping application, that we mentioned a couple days ago is now available.

RouteBuddy is a GPS mapping application for OS X. All the essential functions of your GPS device are supported; all you need is a Mac, a GPS, and of course RouteBuddy.

Features include:

  • Downloading and Uploading Waypoint, Route and Track data
  • Searching Map data with FastSearch
  • Recording live GPS data and tracking your route
  • Connect multiple GPS devices to your Mac
  • Open several RouteBuddy Map
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RouteBuddy – GPS enabled mapping for the Mac finally comes of age

It looks like us Mac users are finally getting a robust GPS-enabled navigation solution for our Mac’d rides! The new application is called RouteBuddy and has many of the features that you would expect from a navigation application like live tracking of GPS data, instant recognition of GPS devices, and the personalization of waypoints with notes and custom icons.

RouteBuddy also imports GoogleMaps and Yahoo Maps GeoTagged URLs as well as instantly viewing your location in Google Earth or Google …

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