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Our System – Part 3: Audio System

Here’s the latest on our install…

We completely replaced the audio system in our Toyota MR2 project car, pulling out the 10-year-old Sony CD player (which was on its last leg) and the six factory speakers.

To keep the upgrade as simple and trouble-free as possible, we ordered all of our new components from Crutchfield. For those of you that don’t know the benefits of buying through Crutchfield, here are a few…

  • Free expert advice to help select the
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Our System – The Car – 1993 Toyota MR2

We thought we’d give a little background on our first install here at MacVroom. We have been making slow but steady progress on our setup. Our install vehicle is a 1993 Toyota MR2 that is in amazing shape. This sweet ride has not had any modifications made beyond upgrading the original stock radio 10 years ago. The 1990-1995 MR2 is a considered a MKII model and is not very common to see on the road. This particular MR2 is the …

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800 x 480 Resolution AppleScript

We’ve whipped up an AppleScript for use with the Xenarc 700TSV LCD display. This script allows you to easily change your Mac mini’s resolution to 800 x 480 upon startup.

Click here for full instructions.…

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Our System – Part 2: Display Options

It’s been a few weeks since we updated the progress on our system, so here we go… This installment covers our LCD selection and configuration issues.

Thanks to the Mac mini’s standard VGA connector, there are quite a few LCD options that will work with it. The most popular touch-screens for in-car use seem to be the 7″ Xenarc 700TSV and 7″ Lilliput 619GL-70NP. The Xenarc is a bit more expensive, but has a brighter screen that is easier …

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Our system – Part 1: Overview

While we wait for our Mac mini to arrive from Apple, I thought that I would venture into the thinking behind our particular configuration and the functionality we hope to get out of our system. So here we go…

Our system starts with the beefier 1.42GHz Mac mini model. We initially contemplated purchasing the lower-end 1.25GHz model, but decide to spend the extra bucks. The 1.25GHz model is a capable system for in car use, but “more power” is always …

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