Our System – The Car – 1993 Toyota MR2

We thought we’d give a little background on our first install here at MacVroom. We have been making slow but steady progress on our setup. Our install vehicle is a 1993 Toyota MR2 that is in amazing shape. This sweet ride has not had any modifications made beyond upgrading the original stock radio 10 years ago. The 1990-1995 MR2 is a considered a MKII model and is not very common to see on the road. This particular MR2 is the non-turbo version and an absolute pleasure to drive.

For those of you that may be wondering our level of installation expertise, I’d rate it at intermediate. We have installed a handful of car stereos and iPods between the team, but are in no way professional installers. We have done quite a bit of research before beginning our install (you never can be too prepared.) We found complete wiring and repair guides available online direct from Toyota, which were very helpful with our install.

We have already completely removed the existing upgraded stereo and are replacing it with a dedicated 4-channel amp, new speakers, and a powered sub-woofer. We will be detailing the complete audio system in our next installment – stay tuned!

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