Mac’d Ride: 1994 Chevrolet 4×4 S-10 Blazer

With over 12,000 songs and over 200 music videos in iTunes, Zach Ducker’s 1994 Chevrolet 4×4 S-10 4 door “Blazer Beast” is a Mac’d entertainment machine.

He removed the original center console and fabricated a custom one with plywood and covered it in funky pink shag. The new console houses the Mac mini, CarNetix power supply, Pyle video amplifier/distributor, 800W AC inverter with two 110V AC outlets, USB 2.0 hub, and four 12V outlets.

Taking out the Mac mini, which is held tightly in home-made brackets, is very simple and quick: just open up the console lid, unplug the cables, and pull it out. The touch-screen is mounted at the end of the center console, and it can swivel and rotate to adjust it when it’s sunny out.

Audio is run via a Monster cable 3.5mm to RCA converter and video is run from the Pyle amplifier/distributor. The Pyle video amplifier/distributor receives input from the Apple DVI-composite video adapter, and then feeds video to the 10.2 Xenarc touch screen, the screen on the Dual XDV8125 deck and a 7″ Pyle screen. The Dual deck brings the whole install together, as it acts a receiver since it has audio and video inputs and a 2.5″ screen. The deck puts 60W to each of the four Infinity reference series mid range with tweeters speakers, with two 4″x6″ in the dash and two 6″ in the rear doors. A 15″ subwoofer, powered by a 300W amp, complements the lower frequencies.

A CarNetix P1990 powers the 18V to the Mac mini, the 12V to the Xenarc touch-screen, and the 5V to the USB 2.0 hub. He upgraded the electrical system with a 200 amp alternator, replacing 105 amp original, and put in an Optima red top battery. A 1/0 gauge power cable runs into the cab and goes into a fused distribution box to power all the accessories that are in the vehicle’s interior.

The only problem he encountered was excessive heat build up in the center console, because the Mac mini, CarNetix power supply, Pyle video amplifier/distributor and 800W AC inverter are in there, so he installed a fan in the rear of the center console to help circulate the air. The fan, which has blue LEDs on it, is pretty cool at night.

Also since this is an active 4×4, he installed a Warn winch and brush-guard on the front. Although he turns off the Mac mini in extreme off-road conditions so that the vibrations do not jar the hard disk and ruin it.

He chose the pink carpeting for the front doors and center console since it was the one fabric that stood out most to him. He says, “It is so soft and supple, you might end up ‘petting’ the Blazer”. We think it’s a pretty darn sweet ride – great job Zach and friends!


  • Auto: 1994 Chevrolet 4×4 S-10 4 door Blazer
  • Mac mini configuration: 1.42 GHz, 80GB hard drive, 1GB SDRAM, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth
  • Display: 10.2″ Xenarc 1020TSV touch screen, 7″ Pyle screen
  • Input devices: Cirque track-pad, Apple keyboard (USB for now, getting a bluetooth soon)
  • Software: Roadnav and MacGPSPro for navigation purposes and will be running Garmin apps once they are OS X capable

The Links

Here are links to the info and photos of the installation of the Mac mini that Zach and his friends put into his Chevy S-10 Blazer.

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