Mac’d out 2001 Chevy Silverado Duramax

This Mac’d out ride comes from Rick Lazzarini, the creator of the Mac mini dock. Rick’s setup includes both a Mac mini, and a miniature PC installed in the center console! A selectable KVM switch allows both computers to share one set of peripherals. The system’s display is an 8.4″ Lilliput touch screen with dual video feeds in addition to the VGA signal. Input is handled via an iGesture miniature USB keyboard with trackpad. A three-input audio interface has been rigged up to switch between listening to an iPod, Mac mini or PC. Rick’s system has (of course) been outfitted with his latest dock for easy installation and removal of the Mac mini.

Rick says one of the main issues when installing a Mac mini in any vehicle is the decision to use the supplied Apple power brick with an inverter or a DC-DC converter (like the one CarNetix is developing). He has contacted Apple to learn more about the current proprietary power connector and try to come up with an easy solution for powering the Mac mini.

Rick’s system is coming along and only requires a final fascia to be installed over the two computers. We can’t wait to see the final setup.

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