Mac’d Ride: Honda Ridgeline

Matthew Muelver sent us details on his Mac’d out Honda Ridgeline RTL. This cool looking truck starts with a 1.42GHz Mac mini with SuperDrive, 80GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth. A 7″ fully-motorized Xenarc 700M in-dash touch-screen is used as the systems display. Input is handled via a Bluetake BT500 Bluetooth mouse and a Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard. Internet access is available via Bluetooth through his Palm Treo 650 cell phone.

Matthew is using the standard OS X 10.4 and Apple’s iLife ’05 apps to control his system – none of the current in-car skinning projects have caught his eye yet. Route 66 USA 2004 is being utilized for navigation and GPS duties through a RN600 Bluetooth GPS receiver.

The Ridgeline’s factory sound system is currently handling the audio, and the Mac mini is powered by a Carnetix P1900. Matthew is also planning to add a bypass switch to power up the mini without the ignition (for running software updates, copying files, etc. while parked in the garage).

Other custom touches include Myron & Davis factory replacement headrests with built-in 7″ LCD screens and a rear-view camera mounted on the back of the truck.

You can read more about this great install and see additional pictures in Mathew’s Ridgeline Blog.

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