Mac’d out Nissan Xterra

Michael Holve, a.k.a. BoarderPhreak, emailed us about his Mac’d out Nissan Xterra. For the past few years, he has been performing numerous mods on the Xterra and now has decided to set it up with a Mac mini install. He has already won two awards (2nd and 3rd place) in two Xterra car shows and thinks the Mac mini should help liven things up.

Initially, Michael planned to update the factory system with an iPod, but found with his extensive music collection, it was more economical and flexible to install the Mac mini. In addition to music, the Mac mini will handle movies, GPS, WiFi browsing, email, and video recording. His system includes a 1.42GHz Mac mini with an 80GB drive, Airport, and Bluetooth. For input and viewing a Lilliput 8″ touchscreen LCD will be utilized. The Mac mini is hooked up to the stock head unit via a hard wired FM modulator and powered by a 100w power inverter.

Make sure to check out Michael’s site and follow the progress of his install. He has written quite a bit about his Xterra and his plans to Mac it out.

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