Mac’d Ride: 2006 Infiniti M45

Here’s another slick install that features Apple’s Front Row and a concealed Mac mini driving the show. Brooks Weisblat Mac’d out his new 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport with a Mac mini stashed in the center console. The “Tech” package on the M45 comes with an auxiliary RCA input for audio/video hookup, so Brooks simply jacked the Mac mini’s video through the two factory 8″ displays – sweet! A Kensington bluetooth mouse with VirtualKeyboard X, and a Palm Treo 650 running Salling Clicker provide input and control for the entire system. The Mac mini’s built-in AirPort WiFi connection is used for wireless web access. When Brooks is not in rage of a WiFi connection the Treo 650’s bluetooth dial-up connection and Sprint’s PCS Vision keep him connected.


  • Auto: 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport with Tech/Journey/MES Packages
  • Mac mini configuration: 1.42 GHz, 80GB hard drive, 512MB SDRAM, Combo Drive, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth
  • Display: Two factory 8″ displays connected via an Apple DVI to Composite/S-Video Adapter
  • Input devices: Kensington bluetooth mouse, Palm Treo 650 for media control and online access via bluetooth and Sprint PCS Vision Dial-up
  • Software: Front Row, VirtualKeyboard X 2.4.5 (to enter text using the mouse – no hardware keyboard needed) and Salling Clicker (to control Apple Front Row via Treo 650)
  • Audio and Powering: Factory stereo using Griffin iMic to feed audio out of the Mac mini. Powered through a mini 95w power inverter (soon to be replaced with a CarNetix CNX-P1900)

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