Mac’d Ride: 2004 Cadillac Escalade “BabyPhat” DJ

We found an amazing new Mac’d ride we wanted to share with you – Sharon’s totally customized 2004 Cadillac Escalade. It’s affectionately called “Baby Phat” because the interior was pieced together with over 40 carefully stitched together Baby Phat handbags.

What makes this car especially sweet is the Mac mini powered DJ Console and 30″ BenQ LCD display in the tailgate. DJs can crank out the tunes with its ginormous audio system, but they can also mix, scratch, and cut with MP3s (stored on the Mac mini’s hard drive). The mini also plays DVDs, powers iTunes, and runs iPhoto slideshows of the Escalade being built. Other fun stuff inside includes televisions mounted in the headrests, three 15″ Audiobahn Eternal subwoofers, and an Xbox.

The construction of this cool ride took approximately six months and it’s already getting some great recognition – this summer, Sharon entered it in five shows and took home 11 trophies in various categories.

You can check out additional photos, including construction shots here.

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