RouteBuddy – Now Available!

The new GPS-enabled mapping application, that we mentioned a couple days ago is now available.

RouteBuddy is a GPS mapping application for OS X. All the essential functions of your GPS device are supported; all you need is a Mac, a GPS, and of course RouteBuddy.

Features include:

  • Downloading and Uploading Waypoint, Route and Track data
  • Searching Map data with FastSearch
  • Recording live GPS data and tracking your route
  • Connect multiple GPS devices to your Mac
  • Open several RouteBuddy Map pages at once
  • Viewing and Printing full-screen maps
  • Smooth Synching of your data with your GPS device
  • Buying Road mapping for Worldwide countries
  • Exchanging RouteBuddy map data with other users
  • Harnessing the power of Google Earth and Google Maps from within RouteBuddy
  • Share Geocache and other location data
  • Import Geotagged URLs from the major online map services
  • Add useful Meta Data to your Maps and Waypoints
  • Post RouteBuddy URLs online to share with other users

RouteBuddy is compatible with USGlobalSat GPS devices, Garmin USB GPS devices and also supports standard NMEA communication.

A fully functioning watermarked demo is available on their site. RouteBuddy retails for $99.50 and maps range from $39.50 to $69.50.

Full details are available on their website.

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