Mac’d Ride: Jeepintosh – 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check out this sweet Mac mini install in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The mini is installed in the glove box and snugly held in place with a soft, but rugged carpet-covered custom bracket. A hub is mounted behind the CPU and USB and Firewire cables run to the back of the Jeep to easily add peripherals to this system. The 7″ Xenarc 700 TSV display has replaced the original stereo in the center console. Grey vinyl was used to match the display surround to the factory grey interior. Below the heat/air controls is a small Kensington USB hub with a Griffin PowerMate connected to it to control iTunes. A Palm Treo 650 provides Internet access and Salling Clicker is also used to wirelessly control the system. A rear-view Pioneer ND-BC1 camera is mounted on the rear of the Jeep near the license plate and piped to the Xenarc display to easily see what’s behind you.

This Mac’d ride also includes an awesome custom box, built by Elroy from Car Toys that houses a pair of JLAudio 10W3s speakers, two JL Audio 500/1 and 300/4 amps, and an auxiliary Optima battery that powers the entire system. The custom box is covered with a special ordered vinyl to match the color of the interior leather and is even emblazoned with the Apple logo – nice touch!


  • Auto: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Mac mini configuration: 1.5 GHz, 80GB hard drive, 512MB SDRAM, Superdrive, AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth
  • Display: 7″ Xenarc 700 TSV
  • Input devices: Griffin PowerMate, Griffin RadioShark, Palm Treo 650 for media control and online access via bluetooth, BU-353 USB GPS receiver, Logitech bluetooth mouse and Apple bluetooth keyboard
  • Software: Front Row, Route 66 for mapping trips. Salling Clicker (to control system via Treo 650)
  • Audio and Powering: a pair of JLAudio 10W3s speakers, JL Audio 500/1 and 300/4 amps, CarNetix CNX-P1900, Optima battery and PAC 200 battery isolator

Check out more pictures of this amazing install here.

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