Mac’d Rides

Mac’d Ride: 1994 Chevrolet 4×4 S-10 Blazer

With over 12,000 songs and over 200 music videos in iTunes, Zach Ducker’s 1994 Chevrolet 4×4 S-10 4 door “Blazer Beast” is a Mac’d entertainment machine.

He removed the original center console and fabricated a custom one with plywood and covered it in funky pink shag. The new console houses the Mac mini, CarNetix power supply, Pyle video amplifier/distributor, 800W AC inverter with two 110V AC outlets, USB 2.0 hub, and four 12V outlets.

Taking out the Mac mini, which …

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Mac’d Ride: Jeepintosh – 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Check out this sweet Mac mini install in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The mini is installed in the glove box and snugly held in place with a soft, but rugged carpet-covered custom bracket. A hub is mounted behind the CPU and USB and Firewire cables run to the back of the Jeep to easily add peripherals to this system. The 7″ Xenarc 700 TSV display has replaced the original stereo in the center console. Grey vinyl was used to …

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Mac’d Ride: 2006 Infiniti M45

Here’s another slick install that features Apple’s Front Row and a concealed Mac mini driving the show. Brooks Weisblat Mac’d out his new 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport with a Mac mini stashed in the center console. The “Tech” package on the M45 comes with an auxiliary RCA input for audio/video hookup, so Brooks simply jacked the Mac mini’s video through the two factory 8″ displays – sweet! A Kensington bluetooth mouse with VirtualKeyboard X, and a Palm Treo 650 running …

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Hacked Audi A6 Navigation Display

Thanks to a nice Audi technician, a new Audi A6 owner was able to hook the video output of his Powerbook directly into the factory in-dash navigation system. His next step… replace the Powerbook with a Mac mini – way to go!

You can read more here.…

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Mac’d Ride: Ford F-150

We are a little late on this covert install, but better late then never…

Davy Arroyo, has Mac’d out his Ford F-150 with a Mac mini setup and a big 10.2″ Dynamix touch-screen. The goal of Davy’s install was to make the installation look as stock as possible. The Mac mini hides and shows itself as needed, thanks to a hidden actuator in the armrest compartment – very cool! The 10.2″ Dynamix touch-screen folds closed for a very inconspicuous install. …

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