dBlogger: Mobile RSS widget

Team Banzai, the creators of ‘Dora‘, the fully autonomous vehicle driven by Mac OS X (and three Mac minis), have been busy preparing for the upcoming DARPA Grand Challenge race. But they still had time to arrange a public demonstration of Dora’s driving capabilities and innovate a new RSS widget to get the news out.

This special “Drivers invited” event, to be held on Sep 10 at Herman Cook Volkswagen in So California, will involve a multi-camera iChat video conference with the Apple Store in San Francisco to let Bay Area fans get a chance to see inside Dora and ask questions of the Team Banzai scientists.

The widget they released, dBlogger, is itself a self-driving RSS reader that uses additional XML tags to let bloggers enhanced their postings by associating images with text, location mapping, and temperature info.

It’s part slideshow viewer and part news reader, but mostly it’s a great way to tell a story by surrounding your pictures with all the important elements – who, what, where, when.

Nice job Team Banzai – this widget rocks!

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