MacWorld Boston: Geek My Ride II

For those readers venturing to the MacWorld Expo in Boston this week, make sure to check out this totally Geek’d out Ride at the Tech Superpowers/BOSFCPUG Booth (523/524). This Lexus IS300 is the world’s fastest mobile video production studio. It is totally tricked out with two Xserve G5s, an Xserve RAID with 5.6 Terabytes of storage, two 19″ flat screen monitors, a Q-Logic Fibre Channel switch, Bluetooth and AirPort wireless capability, and even a Philips 42″ plasma screen! You can …

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Mac mini Lexus IS300 covers another Mac’d ride – this time it’s a Lexus IS300. This nicely executed install consists of a glove box-mounted 1.42GHz Mac mini with Airport (WiFi) and Bluetooth. An Apple wireless keyboard and mouse provide input. A DVI to S-Video / Composite Converter drives a Pioneer pull-out wide screen display mounted in the center console. A hub with 4 USB and 2 Firewire ports has also been installed in the glove box.

OS X 10.3.8 is being used …

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