MacVroom Mentioned In Popular Science!

The June 2005 issue of Popular Science includes an article on the Mac mini and its various uses. The story covers using the Mac mini in the living room and in the car, as well as setting it up as a web server and phone switch box. The article mentions some of the items that we have reported on here, such as the Xenarc and Lilliput displays, the Carnetix P1900 and the i3 software. We particularly enjoyed the closing sentence for the in-car section that reads “Be inspired by other people’s installations and learn more at”

The article also contains links to some of the popular Mac mini sites and projects like,, and If you subscribe to Popular Science or are near a newsstand, check out the article. It is titled “Mac of All Trades” and is located on pages 87 and 88 in the “How 2.0: Geek Guide.”

Update: The full article is available here.

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