CarNetix CNX-P1900 Mac mini Power Supply

A clean, safe and reliable power regulator is coming for the Mac mini! CarNetix, a market leading manufacturer of CarPC automotive products, is currently developing the CNX-P1900. The CNX-P1900 is a 120 watt intelligent DC-DC power regulator designed for the latest CarPCs, including the Mac mini.

The CNX-P1900 provides two outputs, one for the CPU and another for powering an LCD screen or USB devices. The CNX-P1900 provides the necessary regulated power during engine cranking so that your Mac mini will not power off or crash. Other features include:

  • DelayOn (which prevents speaker “thump” during start up)
  • Pulse Start (to remotely start the CNX-P1900 with door locks, car alarm, or wireless devices)
  • Startup/Shutdown controller that automatically powers up and down the CPU as needed.

Additionally, there is a Standby mode that will put the Mac mini in low-power sleep mode.

The CNX-P1900 target availability is April 2005.

There is some additional interesting information in the CarNetix forum on the CNX-P1900. We are really excited about this unit – it helps complete the in-car experience. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these!

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