Prototype Mac mini Dock Update

The Mac mini dock project that we mentioned in an earlier story has been significantly updated. The new version has an articulated lever that when pulled will release the Mac mini from the dock. Also, an on/off button linkage has been added that allows you to press the power button from the front of the dock.

There is a collection of high resolution images available that illustrate the detail of this project. Also check out the two downloadable movies showing the inserting and ejecting of the Mac mini from the dock.

This updated dock is quite impressive looking and well-thought out. The new dock will initially be available to installers on a custom basis. (We want one of these for our ourselves!)

A more cosmetic desktop version is in the works for the average consumer. A rack-mount version is also being developed that could be used in an server-farm environment where inexpensive Mac mini CPUs could easily be swapped out, much like a RAID drive.

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