Glove Box Mod and Dash Fabrication

Matt from TunerTricks has posted a couple extensive articles that document his glove box modifications and dash fabrication for his Mac’d out VW GTI.

Matt initially planned to install his Mac mini above the LCD in the center console, but due to the added depth of all the connectors on the back of the computer, he decided to install the Mac mini in the glove box. To maintain a factory-installed look, the storage dividers inside the glove box were modified to create a compartment to house the Mac mini. The compartment was finished with black suede flocking for a matching finish with the original glove box interior. Check out the full article on TunerTricks for more details and to see photos of the install.

The second article coves the fabrication of the aluminum bezel that surrounds the Xenarc 700tsv monitor and OEM climate controls. In order to fit the 7″ monitor into the double DIN-sized opening, the front of the external housing was removed and some internal components removed (or relocated). To mount the LCD, a custom brace was created and screwed to the OEM subdash radio mount. The LCD was then epoxied to the brace and surrounding subdash area. A rough acrylic jig was created from the existing factory climate control trim and monitor casing. The rough jig was then copied to a 5/16″ piece of aluminum plate and cut with a jigsaw. Next, a 45-degree chamfer was cut around the display area and hand sanded and polished to a mirror finish. To complete the piece, the front surface of the aluminum was brushed to mimic the original dash trim.

This is quite an impressive procedure that Matt has developed, and the results look great!

You can read Matt’s detailed article and view photos here.

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