Apple’s Front Row – The Perfect In-Car Media Solution?

Lost amidst the excitement of the new video-capable iPod, Apple introduced a new revision to the iMac that contains a new application that just may be the media control savior we have been waiting for. Apple’s Front Row, is a new entertainment control application that seems to be well-suited for mobile in-car media.

The new program seamlessly manages all music, DVDs, videos and photos in a single easy-to-use interface. The UI of the application has large controls that look to be easily accessible on a small touch-screen interface. You can check out an interactive demo of the software here.

Another feature of the new iMac that could be a great in-car solution is the new 6-button remote. The new remote is designed to easily access and control the Front Row application and all of your media. With a loaded Mac mini and the new remote, we would be set for controlling a majority of our system.

Right now it is hard to tell if Front Row and the Apple remote will be available (and useable) on any other Mac besides a new iMac, but we tend to think that this would be a smart move for Apple. Our fingers are crossed.

If anyone has any additional information on Front Row or the new Apple remote, drop us a line.

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